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There is something about Living By The Sea that just brings images of a relaxed setting, a place that rhymes with space, a lifestyle that contributes to an infinite feeling of well being. Azuri is devoted to the celebration of a Mauritian lifestyle and life. A sophisticated, stylish and experience rich village along the North-East coast of Mauritius.

We deliver living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and aspirations but also reply to our basic needs of happiness. A place that will not disappoint and immediately feel like home.

Discover through our weekly articles what Living By the Sea in Mauritius is all about.

Mauritius: Where travel meets healthcare

Medical travel is an emerging global trend, a new frontier in health care, one that has already taken root in Mauritius, where travel and tourism is a cornerstone of the local economy. You may be wondering how “medical”...

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Tiny Island, big economic and cultural hub

You’re seated in a restaurant and you’ve just ordered Cacio e Pepe, a Roman favorite, or maybe a rougail, a tomato-based dish, popular in the Mascarene islands. Chances are, if you listen closely, you’ll overhear snippets of French, Italian, English...

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7 Reasons you should move to Mauritius

Mauritius’ PDS scheme, which allows foreigners to purchase prime real-estate (and in the process get a Resident Permit) has resulted in a flourishing community of expatriates from around the world. Whether you are considering a change...

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Mauritius’ booming offshore sector

Mauritius has, for decades, been one of the most desirable getaways for elite travelers seeking breathtaking vistas, world-class resorts and incomparable experiences; what you might not be aware of is that few countries rival Mauritius...

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Living in Mauritius

The very mention of Mauritius conjures up images of the palm-fringed crystal lagoon and year-round sunshine. Azuri, which encapsulates this very essence, commands a regal view over the picturesque East Coast, and masterfully combines seaside...

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Eating around

Eating at Azuri has never been more exciting, or easy. There are loads of places to grab a bite, or to sit down for elegant gourmet dining, and everything imaginable is available – or can be – at the snap of your fingers. If you wish, you don’t even...

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