• Smart Living

    Azuri is one of the smartestreal villages in Mauritius, not only due to its exceptional location along the ocean’s edge, but also due to the holistic and sustainable design and management of the development. Azuri is designed to accentuate the most delightful aspects of life by the sea, including access to a beautiful beach, a 5* hotel, culinary pleasures, entertainment, shopping, leisure and sporting activities all built around a development of luxury residences on the coast.

    Considering its environment,the village is more than just a commercial initiative striving to enhance merely its own wellbeing. Azuri listens to its residents’ desires and has created syndics, which are run by the residents and which manage and maintain the respective residential clusters.

    A fibre optic network has also been laid throughout the village and is awaiting connection from Government. This will enable high speed connectivity throughout Azuri and enhance the working aspect of Azuri.

    In amongst the residential units and retail complexes, Azuri has created numerous green areas and public areas such as the man-made beach which can be accessed and enjoyed by the residents and hotels guests alike.

    Besides thinking of all the resources and services a development requires to address its current and future demands, Azuri is investigating other initiatives such as creating an education campus, designing and building a professional business hub and introducing Wi-Fi free public zones throughout the development as a few of its future plans

    However, beyond Azuri is a need to assist those less fortunate. Azuri has an extensive CSR program, comprising of training, education and employment programs. It aims to protect its surrounding nature like the coral reef through training programs for underprivileged youngsters. The village is involved in the renovation of schools and sports fields, supply of educational materials and helping individuals setting up their businesses through financial and administrative support. Internally the village organizes markets in the village centre where local people can offer their goods.

  • Energy Consumption

    Azuri has reduced its energyconsumption by installing solar geysers for every apartment, townhouse, penthouse or villa built. These solar geysers heat the water used within each apartment or unit. One solar geyser saves 4,200 kWh per year which equates to a monetary saving of Rs21,000 per year per apartment. A total of 350 units have been built to date, which equates to 1,470 MWh saving which equates to Rs 7,350,000 monetary saving in electricity bills.

    In addition to the solar geysers, a number of solar lights have been installed to serve the technical yard and the areas where cameras are positioned. Smaller solar lights alongside the roads are also provided with mini solar panels, which charge during the day and provide light during the night. All of these initiatives have a positive impact on Azuri’s quest to reduce its energy consumption.

  • Waste Management

    Azuri has also adopted an effective waste management system throughout the estate. The waste management system comprises of a unique plastic separation and collecting system for recycling, which has a positive impact on landfill and the environment.

    Azuri is striving to introduce other waste separation initiatives as the development expands.