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There is something about Living By The Sea that just brings images of a relaxed setting, a place that rhymes with space, a lifestyle that contributes to an infinite feeling of well being. Azuri is devoted to the celebration of a Mauritian lifestyle and life. A sophisticated, stylish and experience rich village along the North-East coast of Mauritius.

We deliver living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and aspirations but also reply to our basic needs of happiness. A place that will not disappoint and immediately feel like home.

Discover through our weekly articles what Living By the Sea in Mauritius is all about.

Paving the way for Azuri Smart City

If we are to develop Azuri as a Smart City, we favour calling it a Smart Destination, for it is truly a place to which people are drawn, whether they come from abroad or are based in Mauritius....

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Message of the CEO

These past months have not been easy for any of us, and while it is of comfort knowing we are all in the same boat, it is truly thanks to our strength and resilience that we did not give up. Quite the contrary, as individually and collectively, Azuri’s residents, staff and cohorts continue to question and reinvent themselves to become more robust than ever. ...

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Mauritius reopens its borders!

After several months of waiting, we are very happy to announce that Mauritius is reopening its borders very soon. It is finally time for you to bring back to the table, your project of investing in our island paradise, and in our smart lifestyle village where you can settle in as swiftly as ever...

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Invest in an exceptional serviced land at 370,000 USD

Golfers are always happy to live near a golf course. Not a golfer? That’s okay too. This may be a chance to learn, or simply to enjoy the manicured green lawns from your terrace. To get a feel for the Golf neighbourhood, you must imagine waking up to peaceful surroundings, drinking your cup of coffee...

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Escape to Mauritius and take a breath of fresh air for a few months

How about spending a few months under the sun on an island paradise, between tall coconut palms, a sandy beach and an azure blue lagoon for a change of scenery? This seaside getaway could give you the inspiration to reinvent yourself in your career, start a family life if you are a young couple,...

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A prestigious lifestyle with a golf at your doorstep as from 400,000 USD

Are you a golf lover? Are you looking for a property that will combine your pleasure with a quality lifestyle? If yes, discover these prestigious residences, that are located on the exquisite and soon to be Azuri golf course!...

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