Retirement in Mauritius


  • Mauritius is unanimously recognized as an ideal destination for a carefree retirement
  • This idyllic country in fact offers great retirement plan and opportunities to invest in real estate, while at the same time paying less tax. Another factor in retire in Mauritius favour is that the cost of living is still relatively low
  • On top of all the advantages concerning climate, security, ease of access and health facilities, Mauritius has implemented a legal framework to welcome those people who wish to spend their retirement years here
  • Foreign nationals of over 50 can thus retire to Mauritius by applying for a residence permit from the Economic Development Board
  • Retirement status is not linked to the European rules concerning retirement age and all persons over 50 of independent means can apply for the status and conditions of a retired person in Mauritius
  • Note that a retired person who has been the holder of a residence permit for three years and who has transferred 40 000 USD (or the equivalent in other currency) per year into his account at a local bank for three years will be able to apply for permanent residence.