Our Vision

Our Vision

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village - Mauritius

Since its inception seven years ago on a large estate in the North of Mauritius, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community. Mauritians, expatriates, and foreign investors can purchase property, residency, splendid contemporary residences designed by famed architects, as well as gain access to a secluded beach, a bustling cafe, an array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a fabulous spa, a sports club, and a spectacular golf course.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself dreaming of a warm, gentle Indian Ocean breeze, while it infuses you with the soothing essence of living by the sea.

 Azuri is a unique community in Mauritius, with a lifestyle blending conviviality and convenience – with services, shops and restaurants on site.

In the midst of a lush tropical setting, its villas and apartments have a truly homely feel. It all makes for a chic and relaxing environment, ideal for everyday living and taking advantage of the beach, the golf course and a variety of other activities.

Our Vision for Azuri

Living well, safely and happily in a place with a soul.

• A more resource-efficient life.

• Businesses, community life and a sustainable mindset are intertwined.

• Ensure that our people feel well, safe and happy.

• Physical and emotional balance of its citizens.

Our Mission for Azuri

We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing in our sustainable beachside urban village.

Our Value Proposition


Happiness and Well-being

Dedicated to shaping a better urban future

As an organisation dedicated to shaping a better future, by designing the lifestyle patterns of tomorrow, we believe that if we want to improve the quality of life of our people, we have to stop seeing it as an afterthought.

Well-being should be at the heart of how we plan, assess and design our city.