Estate Management


  • Who we are?

    Azuri Estate Management was incorporated in May 2016. Its three basic principles are:

    1. To be a zero-profit entity;
    2. To have an open book policy;
    3. To provide a democratic process of operation through its Council and Executive bodies.

    Since its opening in 2011, Azuri Mauritius has become a municipality in the true sense of the word, albeit a private one. As a result of its rapid growth over the past 5 years, the team at Azuri and its homeowners came to recognize and believe in the need to form an Estate Management entity that would act as an authoritative and supervisory body with the responsibility of assuring the availability and operative functioning of all essential services within the entirety of the resort and estate. It is to note that the concept of an Estate Management Company is not compulsory under Mauritian law.

    The main foundation of Azuri Estate Management is to provide and maintain indispensable services to the village,

    • further to the endorsement of policies and rules pertaining to the community by a Council of members, including homeowners;
    • and, by the enforcement of these policies and regulations through a structure of systems for the provision of services to the estate by an executive body.

    The Azuri Estate Management executive body acts as a partner to and on behalf of the Council with the purpose of optimising property values and ensuring a harmonious living environment for owners and tenants of the village. It handles day-to-day operations, performs ongoing maintenance duties and maintains communication with residents of the community.

  • What we do?

    The responsibilities of Azuri Estate Management require numerous technical and administrative systems which adhere to international standards of precision and efficiency. Planning is a key element in the structure and takes place on an ongoing basis to account for changes which inevitably occur in systems of this nature.

    List of Responsibilities of Azuri Estate Management:

    • Distribution of potable water
    • Waste water treatment
    • Landscaping of common areas
    • Cleaning of common areas
    • 24-hour village security
    • Beach propriety and cleanliness
    • Road maintenance
• Waste removal
    • Coordination and management of external service providers as needed
• Invoicing and accounts management

    Azuri Estate Management assists with providing equipment and amenities to the village and its venues for various events and activities, which take place, such as market fairs and village parties. These include the provision of electricity, tents, security, parking and more.

    A Shuttle Service offers internal transportation to visitors and guests while they are in the village. This service has the primary purpose of assuring safety and security for all persons at Azuri. The dedicated parking area, set up near the technical yard, is where guests and visitors are henceforth, to park their cars and vehicles when on the premises. Chauffeur-driven electrically-operated buggies are available for conveying guests back and forth between the parking lot and village centre. This service allows the reduction of vehicle movement within the village and also provides an eco-friendly transportation alternative.

    Azuri Estate Management liaises with onsite construction companies to minimise the impact of their presence on site and to the environment, by ensuring safe and proper access to the staff and their vehicles, and the enforcement of operating procedures and guidelines.

    The technical area of the village houses the workshops and storage spaces as well as the canteen for +/- 20 staff members who work to assure that the estate operations run smoothly every day of the year.