Smart Village

Smart Village

  • Our philosophy

    We have set out to deliver the most functional and compelling village platform for the growth of a truly sustainable community, by delivering living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and create a genuine life culture of well-being in the region.

    Urban planning and development with cohesiveness look good on paper but in order for people to get excited about living somewhere, there has to be diversity. We have concentrated our efforts, over the last 5 years of Azuri’s evolution from conception, to development and operation, to bringing this diversity to the village: diversity of people, diversity of activities, diversity of product offerings, diversity of outlooks and opportunities, diversity of facilities from commercial to education, diversity of cultures.

    Our driving philosophy since inception has been focused around the 6 following criteria:


    1. LAND & INFRASTRUCTURE: We are building a carefree, enthralling and smart place to live

    2. SUSTAINABLE UTILITIES: We are responsible for the legacy we leave for future generations

    3. COSMOPOLITAN COMMUNITY: We are united in the belief that life is enhanced when people interact, learn and share through experience

    4. QUALITY OF LIFE: We believe that living by the sea can only contribute to breathe and growing better

    5. CONNECTIVITY: We will move, interface and find our way faster and more lightly

    LEARN AND WORK: we will help people develop their potential

  • Smart future

    Azuri is creating a smart and sustainable foundation for its proposed 3,000 inhabitants, who will occupy a 200ha mixed use estate development. To date, approximately 350 residential units which cater for both foreigners and local Mauritians have been developed with a further 50 villas about to be constructed. In addition to this, a successful 5* Hotel & Spa, shops and restaurants have been developed, and Azuri offers numerous leisure activities such as tennis, archery and various boating activities as well as a fully serviced boat yard. Considering its environment, the village is more than just a commercial initiative striving to enhance merely its own wellbeing. Azuri listens to its residents’ desires and has created syndics, which are run by the residents and which manage and maintain the respective residential clusters.

    However only 14% of the 200ha land parcel has been developed to date, so the future will offer exciting prospects which are aligned with the “Smart City” and Live, Work, Play concepts.

  • Live. Work. Play.

    Examples which illustrate Azuri’s Live, Work, Play philosophy include a vibrant café with Wi-Fi connectivity where people can work whileenjoying a coffee or lunch. Other aspects which subscribe to the smart living include the use of golf carts around the village, walking paths, beach and water activities, as well as numerous other sporting and leisure activities.

    The village offers beautiful beachfront property and villas of sale in safe and child-friendly environment, and is centred around a lively marketplace where residents and local people can display their fresh produce and creative goods for sale on weekends.

    The marketplace is also home to events and functions which are often held in the evenings for the residents. Adjacent to the marketplace is a butchery, café, pharmacy, various clothing retailers and two restaurants which look onto the azure blue sea. Further retail and commercial centres are planned where residents will be able to work in a modern yet relaxing environment with high-speed internet connectivity.