Invest in Real Estate in Mauritius

Soon to be a Safe Place and virus free destination

In the wake of a pandemic

There is a lot that we don’t know on what the post pandemic business world will look like, but it is certain, that we will all be eager to be looking at our future in ways that will make us resilient and agile.

For many countries the light at the end of this sanitary turmoil, seems bleak, and this economic trauma will have to be manoeuvred very swiftly by combing both private and public sector efforts. But on a brighter note, when we zoom into analysing how Mauritius has managed this pandemic, whatever the right of wrong actions one can argue, the result is quite rewarding. Mauritius acted very early during its Covid-19 outbreak with a swift lockdown. This draconian measure clearly worked. The recent flattening of the curve and trickle of new cases, we are now going onto our 14th day without any new cases and zero active cases as of yesterday, over 80,000 tests (13th highest tested country / million inhabitants) have been done in various pockets of the population, appears to be highly plausible.

In parallel the authorities have started implementing support measures covering the social, monetary and macro-financial fronts. They are still working on numerous incentives to ease certain sectors of the economy that will be severely affected by the pandemic, namely the tourism and hospitality sectors. Moreover, in view of the easing out of lockdown planned for the 1st of June, we are soon to be presented with a new Covid 19 Bill that will certainly pave the way to soothing the situation at all levels.

In these challenging times, one thing is for sure, this has been for us all an unprecedented wake-up call in rethinking how we live with our loved ones, how we do business, how we educate our children etc. This has given food-for-thought about how we manage our time, our perspectives and how we can adapt to becoming more efficient and most importantly resilient.

Testimonials from residents of Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

Testimonials of international and local residents living at Azuri, have been unanimous on how experiencing a lockdown in our smart lifestyle village, has been far more comfortable and reassuring in comparison to how their friends and families have been living through similar scenarios in Europe or Africa.

The reasons vary but some common points have come forward, namely:

  • they felt very safe and supported by a well-prepared team of operational staff who remained in the village during the lockdown to assist with essential services and any urgent matters;
  • the comfort and space they have in their residences in Mauritius, with being able to wake up to blue skies and look out onto natural surrounds, be it the sea, mountain ranges or even sugarcane fields, has been a blessing every day;
  • the clement and warm climate has also been so important, with regular breaks outdoors in their gardens or patios soaking in the sun, and early morning or late afternoon walks on the beach to unwind have been really cherished;
  • the proximity and reactivity of the village Epicerie and Café, whose people went out of their ways to ensure that everyone was supplied in food and savoury goods they wanted to acquire, during this time;
  • the friendship between the residents has been a lifesaver, and the bond they have developed will be cherished for years to come;
  • the generosity of the residents who got together to help the more needy in the region, creating a solidarity fund that contributed to putting smiles on so many families in critical situations, with a pot of over 500,000MUR to help the less privileged, such a humanitarian act of generosity and love.

The unprecedented challenges created by COVID-19 has affected everyone’s daily lives and awoken us to the fact that solidarity is our best and first line of defense.

A unique opportunity to secure and enhance your asset portfolio.

This crisis has pushed us to rethink about what we really want for our future. A future where words like LIVING TRULY, RECONNECTING WITH YOURSELF, QUALITY OF LIFE, take on a ccompletely different meaning.

What if this future, was redefined for some of you in a peaceful, safe and more balanced life in Mauritius? The examples given above show how people from all corners of the globe continue to be drawn to its natural beauty, ideal location at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, and time zone that allows round-the-clock transactions with all major markets.

In this economic, fiscal and social environment, Mauritian real estate is considered by international investors as a secure long-term investment and represents in particular a real asset in wealth planning. And this, even in these critical times that we are going through.

By investing now, you could benefit from several advantages:

  • Gain direct savings between on the cost of acquisition thanks to a very favourable exchange rate on foreign currencies.
  • Benefit from historically low loan rates currently being applied by banks
  • Obtain your residence permit when acquiring property over USD 500,000
  • Benefit from an advantageous tax framework: a single rate of 15% is fixed on income, wage tax or VAT. No property tax, no housing tax or social security contributions, no inheritance tax, no capital gain tax.

Together let’s plan, organise and structure your future.