Mauritius favours greater openness to foreigners

Mauritius is among the countries which have effectively managed the health crisis.  This is why it is labelled as a “safe destination” by the World Travel and Tourism Council. In order to revitalise the economy after three months of inactivity, the government has announced a series of measures in the 2020/2021 budget speech to promote foreign investment.


Appealing measures to welcome foreigners

To boost the economy in the forthcoming years, the Mauritian government is encouraging foreigners to work, invest and settle in Mauritius.

Lowering the minimum investment amount for entrepreneurs, abolishing a minimum turnover requirement and extending the validity period of an “occupation permit” are all encouraging measures that make Mauritius a choice destination for foreign investors.

Non-citizens wishing to set up a business or to invest in an existing company in Mauritius will now be required to invest a minimum of USD 50,000 instead of USD 100,000.

In addition to providing financial flexibility, these new measures should enable non-nationals to better define and build their life projects.


New opportunities in the real estate sector

A permanent residence permit can be obtained through a real estate acquisition. The minimum amount to purchase a property and obtain a permanent residence permit will be reduced from USD 500,000 to USD 375,000.

To attract more foreigners to Mauritius, the country intends to welcome the relatives of occupation permit holders.  The spouses of the holders will not need a specific permit to work in Mauritius.  It will also be possible for the holders of this type of permit to bring their parents to Mauritius as dependents.


Azuri, the best place to invest

With its privileged seaside setting, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village seduces many foreign investors. This village which is nestled in the North of Mauritius offers luxurious residences combining modernity and authenticity.

A friendly atmosphere prevails in the heart of its secure environment. The residents advocate the essential values of “living together” every day.

The village is also conducive to investment because of its various facilities which can be accessed by foot. Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is just 5 minutes away from the beach — a blue lagoon beach which still exudes a wild charm.

You can have lunch in one of its gastronomic restaurants while enjoying the sea view. The village also includes a café and a tennis court. A golf course is currently under construction and will soon be made available to residents.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village keeps innovating and developing contemporary villas and residences to meet the needs of expatriates.

Foreigners who choose Mauritius as an investment location will benefit from the new measures that are likely to be put in place.

Beyond its edenic aspect, the island definitely offers a better living environment with its attractive infrastructures and facilities.


Below are the old and new measures announced by the Mauritian government to attract foreign investors to Mauritius.