Happiness together

Let’s aspire to simple happiness together.

Listen to the testimony of those who made the choice of happiness, by moving to Azuri Ocean & Golf Village in Mauritius.

This period of lockdown pushes us to take a break, and for once, a real break. It forces us to relearn how to cherish every moment that makes our everyday, but it also encourages us to think about tomorrow differently.

We realise, for many of us, that life is a horrendous whirlwind, in which we find it hard to escape and take a break. Between work, family life, social lives, we feel constantly overwhelmed and the simple little pleasures of everyday, such as listening to the birds singing, feeling the warmth of the sunrays on our skin, or simply tasting the delicious flavours of organic tomatoes or juicy fruit, no longer have their place.

What if we take this confinement as a way to reset our timers a bit? Perhaps by merely seizing the opportunity to look at our daily routine through a new pair of binoculars, showing a “new” reality that is filled with happiness, void of stress and bathed in acute wellbeing, for us and for our loved ones.

Thus, we relearn to love all these little things, which we no longer really paid attention to, such as listening to ourselves, listening to our desires, learning to listen to others, taking the time to communicate better and above all sharing sincere and deep moments with those around us, whether physically at our side or just a Zoom or Skype way.

For those of us, who are currently working from home, we realise that ultimately, ensuring our professional responsibilities from our study or dining room table, is possible, and that avoiding traffic jams in the morning, or even crowded public transport, or worse missing out hours lost in meetings that clutter our day, are actually a big plus in our life. By simply removing these elements from our daily routine, we have succeeded in freeing up time to rebalance everything and care more for ourselves.

So if we sum up, each day, this confinement teaches us that happiness does not have only one flavour, but all contribute to make us feel happy, connected, in balance allowing us to reveal the multiple talents we have and that we had just pushed aside.

With all these facts in mind, we can start thinking about tomorrow…. And if we kept this feeling of well-being that has been revealed to us? What if happiness can be found simply by choosing a life that “makes us a better person”? A life where it would be possible to find a perfect balance between professional life, family life, social life.

At Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, we are convinced that we have really sown the seeds of a new way of living by the sea in Mauritius. A simple life cradled between the pleasures of rediscovering the rustling of the leaves on the trees, enjoying the sunrises at dawn on the beach, meeting new sincere and warm friendships to share our everyday, but above all reinventing oneself in a destination, where living truly is the ethos of the place, a way of life that contributes to life and work balance.

But, we won’t tell you more. What could be better than the testimony of real Azurians to share some snippets of their daily routine. They made the choice to change their lives and reinvent themselves under the sun.


Take a moment to discover what they have to say about their new life (click to view video)


Find out more about Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

In the vibrant, northern part of Mauritius, sits Azuri, a cleverly crafted village, opened 5 years ago, offering residents exquisite, high quality living. Unique in its offering, Azuri has created a new and multifaceted way of living along the edge of the Indian Ocean.

There is no better way to enjoy the dolce vita in Mauritius than by acquiring a villa of exception or a splendid island view apartment at Azuri.

Azuri has grown to become a tight-knit community, with a lifestyle blending conviviality and convenience, for a genuine home away from home – with services, shops and restaurants, the perfect island life taking advantage of the beach, golf course and a variety of other activities.

Azuri is now developing, Rive Droite, a neighbourhood at the heart of a splendid golf, tucked away between the sea and river, that we would like to invite you to discover.

From the midst of our confinement, let us remember, that we have so much more to look forward to in life and we must remain faithful to this little voice screaming inside, inviting you to opt for the happier lifestyle to which you yearn.


We remain at your disposal in this particular situation and we thank you for your confidence and your continued support during this period.


Stay safe and protect your family more than ever.


Let’s think about tomorrow together,


Think of your happiness.