When island lovers stand together to save the South East Coast

When island lovers stand together to save the South East Coast, from an unprecedented environmental disaster.

These last two weeks have put Mauritius on the international news scene, relating the catastrophic ecological drama that affected our beautiful island, when over 800 tons of oil were spilt into the South East lagoon, following the crash of the bulk carrier Wakashio, that ran aground on 25th July on the coral reef, opposite the typical village of Mahebourg. This carrier was carrying 4,000 tons of heavy oil. Due to bad weather conditions, the boat got damaged resulting in having part of its oil cargo oil leak into the lagoon.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the authorities, dynamic NGOs, thousands of volunteers, private sector companies, and experts that had been flown in from abroad, an emergency salvage operation was implemented. We are relieved to communicate today that, as of yesterday, they have succeeded in removing all the remaining oil from the carrier and the ship is currently being sanitized.

Containing the spill 

The affected area is contained to the lagoon of Point d’Esny / Mahebourg, one of the largest lagoons on the island and home to one the most diverse ecosystems on our island, namely the endemic species refuge of l’Ile aux Aigrettes.

The spread of the oil spill has successfully been contained to this region and has in no case reached any of the other lagoons of the island. We are so very grateful that our pristine lagoon of Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, has been preserved from any effect of this disaster.

Proud of our Mauritian community as we stand together

In a remarkable movement of patriotic solidarity, groups of people from all over the island, came together volunteering to help save the lagoons, and several clean-up efforts are being coordinated along the coastal line.

We would like to thank all the residents and team members of Azuri, who did not hesitate to respond to the help call, to come and create the required equipment that would be used to prevent the spread of the oil in the lagoon.

This collective positivity makes all of us proud to be part of the Mauritian community.

Let’s start sharing the positive news around this patriotic strength and the significative results that we are starting to see. There is still a lot of work to be done in the affected areas, but it is reassuring to hear that the clean-up is progressing at a good pace thanks to the experts and heroes involved in this exercise.


Thank you for caring for our island like we do.

Protecting nature’s treasures.

We stand together.