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There is something about Living By The Sea that just brings images of a relaxed setting, a place that rhymes with space, a lifestyle that contributes to an infinite feeling of well being. Azuri is devoted to the celebration of a Mauritian lifestyle and life. A sophisticated, stylish and experience rich village along the North-East coast of Mauritius.

We deliver living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and aspirations but also reply to our basic needs of happiness. A place that will not disappoint and immediately feel like home.

Discover through our weekly articles what Living By the Sea in Mauritius is all about.

Smart Destination

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village – A Smart Destination Founded on Health & Well-Being. Our residents tell us that Azuri embodies a distinctive energy they have not seen elsewhere; that it is ‘a place with a soul’. ...

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Message from Hugues Lagesse, acting CEO

What a year 2020 has been! It has certainly brought us challenging times with the global pandemic necessitating many sacrifices and slowdowns in Mauritius, and around the world. In spite of the borders remaining closed at this writing, we did not waste time or energy in seeking to sustain the hospitality side of our assets,...

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Thinking of Moving to a Covid safe destination?

Leaving everything behind to go and settle in Mauritius for a year and maybe even more, appears to be a lifestyle choice that is starting to make more and more sense in the current context. Aspiring to living something else, otherwise, on an island: many people have dreamed of it one day, without ever daring to take the plunge....

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Ocean River Golf View Villas: Azuri Ocean & Golf Village broadens its offer

Living in a contemporary villa in the heart of a dynamic village and having the privilege of enjoying a breathtaking view everyday on a green lawn along the steep banks of a river is a dream! At Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, the range of luxury villas is constantly increasing to meet the needs of foreigners...

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The real estate sector has a bright future in Mauritius

How is the real estate sector in Mauritius doing after several months of confinement? This is probably one of the crucial questions that potential investors must ask themselves given the current context. Despite the crisis, Mauritius remains a secure investment destination....

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4 steps to buying a property in Mauritius

Charming seaside houses, contemporary flats in the heart of a beach resort, plush villas with swimming pools in an unspoilt wild place... Mauritius offers a wide range of properties for foreigners wishing to invest in the tropics. But what kind of accommodation suits you best?...

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