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There is something about Living By The Sea that just brings images of a relaxed setting, a place that rhymes with space, a lifestyle that contributes to an infinite feeling of well being. Azuri is devoted to the celebration of a Mauritian lifestyle and life. A sophisticated, stylish and experience rich village along the North-East coast of Mauritius.

We deliver living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and aspirations but also reply to our basic needs of happiness. A place that will not disappoint and immediately feel like home.

Discover through our weekly articles what Living By the Sea in Mauritius is all about.

Homeowners' solidarity

The recent passage of cyclone Berguitta, last 16-18 January, had an unexpected impact on Azuri’s residents. As usual, the management and village staff worked to install barricades and safety measures to protect against the impending storm...

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New Chef at Radisson Blu

Sébastien Miraux was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, only this spoon was used for creating culinary treasures in Paris’ 15th arrondissement, where he was born. His father was (and is) a chef, and Sébastien, in true Gallic fashion, has followed...

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Eco activities: Family time

There are a number of places on the east coast of Mauritius, not far from Azuri, where you and your family may visit for a well-spent outing in the nature; we have tested some of them to provide feedback for you. On April 18th, we visited 3 sites all...

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Radisson Blu Azuri's Blu Planet month is on

The team of Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa has been participating to the cleaning of the small island facing the hotel’s beach. This initiative forms part of the Blu Planet month launched by Radisson Blu Azuri towards the preservation of the environ...

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Your villa facing the green, in a seaside village resort

Mauritius may boast itself of being a first-choice destination for golfers looking for new challenges. It stands as an Eldorado for investors willing to adopt a new exotic and relaxing lifestyle. A double challenge to which Azuri, the vibrant liefestyle...

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Leisure escapes at Azuri

Sun worshippers love the beach at Azuri, with its wide vistas onto the sea and refreshing breezes. Shady palms, rocky enclaves and terraced viewpoints provide private and cozy corners for lounging in a hammock or beach chair, on a plush sofa bed...

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