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There is something about Living By The Sea that just brings images of a relaxed setting, a place that rhymes with space, a lifestyle that contributes to an infinite feeling of well being. Azuri is devoted to the celebration of a Mauritian lifestyle and life. A sophisticated, stylish and experience rich village along the North-East coast of Mauritius.

We deliver living opportunities that will stimulate the senses and aspirations but also reply to our basic needs of happiness. A place that will not disappoint and immediately feel like home.

Discover through our weekly articles what Living By the Sea in Mauritius is all about.

Let's think ahead together

Have these thoughts been going through your mind over the last couple of weeks:  what is the meaning of all this? with this sudden change in way of living, has the reality check of what is really important to you kicked in? what are the fundamentals that you want for living a better life? what could make your future safer and less stressful?...

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While the world awaits, we are here for you.

The world may feel further away than ever before, but it’s still here. Just as we are still here for you.In these times, when doubts and fears are likely to overwhelm us, we wish to convey a message of hope. The sense of community that we have created...

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Reinventing our workplace

Dear Azuri Resident, dear Client, dear Partner, dear Friends. Wherever you might be in the world, you must be living this unprecedented situation which shakes the everyday life of each of us...

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The show villa, an ode to the mauritian culture

Azuri Ocean & Golf village invites you to discover a new gem, nestled in the heart of the future neighbourhood of Rive Droite. Combining a contemporary and tropical style, the show villa was designed...

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Investing in Mauritius: A golden opportunity for foreign citizens

Mauritius is not only a popular destination for tourists seeking exoticism. Foreign investors are also attracted to this jewel of the Indian Ocean. Beyond its white pristine beaches,...

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The news are talking about Azuri

"Rive Droite. C’est ainsi que s’appellera le nouveau quartier résidentiel d’Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, à Roches Noires. Ce sont 88 résidences, dont des penthouses, villas et appartements, qui seront construites au cœur d’un magnifique parcours de golf de 9 trous."...

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