Ariza Townhouses

Beyond being a mere coastal dwelling, the Ariza 3-bedroom townhouses provide a comprehensive lifestyle in the heart of an authentic village community.

Each residence is thoughtfully designed to encompass generous living spaces, private gardens, and designated parking, all within a harmonious neighbourhood. These townhouses epitomise contemporary living. For those who relish culinary pursuits, the kitchen’s features will feel like a welcoming haven, while the open-plan layout is destined to become the center piece for gatherings with family and friends.

Halona Townhouses

More than just a home by the sea, the Halona 3 bedroom townhouses offer a complete lifestyle experience amidst a true village community. 

Each property has been designed to include spacious living areas private gardens, allocated parking spaces in a harmonious neighbourhood. These townhouses are ideal for modern living. Culinary enthusiasts will feel at home with the kitchen’s specification, and the open plan layout is certain to be a focal point for family or friend get togethers. 

The 22 townhouses are set slightly apart from the center of the village, not far from the main entrance, fully benefitting from the tranquillity of its gated setting. 

As well as private rear gardens, the townhouses share an outlook over the main street in the neighborhood and the landscaped gardens beyond. Each of these immaculately designed private homes also enjoys all the amenities of the wider development, a best of both worlds, a situation that sets this collection of residences apart.