Smart Destination

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village – A Smart Destination Founded on Health & Well-Being

Our residents tell us that Azuri embodies a distinctive energy they have not seen elsewhere; that it is ‘a place with a soul’. And increasingly, we have come to realise that community-led initiatives for promoting health and well-being are often more holistic in the scheme of urban dynamics, than outside interventions. Supplemented by our overriding objective to ensure that our residents live in a healthy and safe environment, Azuri typifies the ideal Smart Destination for current and aspiring residents and inhabitants. 

As the CoVID-19 worldwide pandemic approaches its one-year mark, the world’s citizens are seeking inspiration for coping with a multitude of environmental, health, and economic challenges that have generated in its wake. The contagion has demonstrated that cities – more than ever – need to review their design and planning to ensure
that health protection is at the heart of their development. 

Here at Azuri, while we may not know how long restrictions on traveling in and out of the country may last, we do know that now is the time to move forward with strategies and actions to be taken to improve the quality of life for all Azurians, and their families, friends, and associated connections. 

Well-being is at the heart of how we plan, assess and design our city 

With this pronouncement in mind, Azuri has
embarked on a journey for the coming 10 years by developing a lifestyle masterplan, where the pursuit of health and wellbeing impacts directly the way our residents will live, and will become socially relevant in everything we undertake. This idea is in line with Azuri’s original concept for designing the lifestyle of tomorrow, while it introduces the importance of taking into account the challenges the world is facing today.

Our Vision for this journey is to conceive a resource-efficient life that attracts residents and visitors to a place where businesses, community life and a sustainable mindset intermingle, and where people feel well, safe and happy. Azuri strives to characterise timeless values of balancing the physical and emotional well-being of every one of its citizens. 

Having worked for the last 5 months on this theme of health and well-being, our Vision is coupled with our Mission, which is to safeguard health and well-being as a sustainable way of living in a beachside urban village, with an imperative of using minimal natural resources, while conserving its vital ‘soul’. It is critical that our urban management is built from the ground up with full consent of our citizens. 

Azuri is positioned as a ‘Smart Destination’ which implies that everything is designed to be about the village and its inhabitants. In parallel with crafting this masterplan, Azuri has submitted a 70+ page document which is designed to keep us on the road to achieving our Vision, and to remain ‘smart’ in the way Azuri is developed over the coming years villa for sale in Mauritius. 

What makes our Value Proposition so compelling is that it carefully outlines how we propose to establish and sustain an alternative healthy lifestyle by the sea in Mauritius. A set of three themes is proposed to enhance our community’s development with corresponding scenarios to which Azuri is committed for their achievement. Each of these is embedded with core endeavours that include the sustainable development of energy conservation, waste management, and the reduction of our carbon footprint.