Settle in Mauritius, know more about the Visa Premium

Economic and political stability, dream landscapes, favourable taxation, friendly inhabitants … Known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius will certainly seduce you.

Moreover, in order to make this little piece of paradise more accessible to the new concept of slow travel which emerged following the covid-19 crisis, the Mauritian government launched the Visa Premium. Zoom on this new visa which promises you mountains and wonders.


Premium visa, work and live in a heavenly destination

The Visa Premium or Premium Travel Visa is a new and unique residence visa which encourages foreigners to come and stay in Mauritius for one year with the possibility of renewing it. It is an invitation to come and spend long stays on a little piece of paradise with the possibility of living and working there serenely.Are you a frequent traveler, have you just retired, or simply a professional looking to work from abroad?

Do you need an escape from your current reality for a more authentic way of life? Do you want to work remotely with your toes in the sand? The Visa Premium is just for you! If you want to know which countries are eligible for this new concept, visit the EDB website to find out more.

Note that the Visa Premium concerns people who will stay on the island for more than 180 days. If not, you can apply for a tourist visa.


A real opportunity to discover Mauritius

The Visa Premium therefore allows you to discover Mauritius before thinking about settling in the island. This type of visa is undoubtedly the ideal intermediate solution if you plan to settle permanently on the island and / or invest there. This new concept might be interesting if you are thinking about your life plan, reconnecting with nature and tasting simple pleasures of life.

Do you want to put your suitcases in a quality property, fully furnished and equipped? The village of Azuri will welcome you, thanks to its multitude of sports and nautical activities as well as its local shops and events organized so that the members of this village, of all nationalities can meet. With a magnificent collection of properties (apartments, villas, houses, penthouses) corresponding to all budgets, this secure village is an ideal set up for discovering the joys of living on this island.

And the good news for travelers is that if Mauritius seduced you, you can acquire a property there without changing your visa. Indeed, the premium visa allows you to acquire a property in Mauritius if the latter is under the IRS, RES, PDS or SCS (Smart City Scheme) regime.

You will be able to discover the multiple investment programs to make your life project a reality.


How to submit your request for a Visa Premium?

The application for a Visa Premium is made through the premium e-visa portal of the EDB. Following this, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You do not have the right to enter the Mauritian labor market;
  • Your main job and your source of income must come from abroad;
  • You will need to provide proof, including the purpose of your visit, the place where you will stay, etc.
  • Note that the immigration conditions to enter Mauritius will of course be applied.

Important documents:

Your passport

Your plane ticket and your return ticket reservation

Identity photo compliant with standards

A valid email address

An accommodation reservation after the 14 days of quarantine

Travel and medical insurance covering the duration of your stay

A minimum of EUR 1300 / USD 1500 for your monthly expenses and EUR 400 / USD 500 for a dependent under 24 years old.


To obtain your premium visa, you will need to:

1 / Book a flight to Mauritius;

2 / Proceed with your online request;

3 / You will obtain your visa electronically;

4 / Book or plan your place of accommodation;

5 / Perform a PCR test – You may proceed with your trip if it is negative;

6 / Notify the immigration office if you change accommodation.

The premium visa is issued for free, so now is the time to escape to a paradise island that is ready to welcome you!


What are the Mauritian entry requirements ?

The date of October 1, 2021 marks the opening of the borders of Mauritius, while respecting the conditions mentioned below:

For vaccinated travelers:

They will have access to Mauritius, without any restriction, subject to producing a negative PCR certificate of less than 3 days.

For unvaccinated people

The latter will have to spend a stay in quarantine in one of the covid-safe hotels in Mauritius. They will also have to produce a PCR certificate of less than 7 days upon arrival, followed by a PCR test on arrival, on the 7th day and on the 14th day of quarantine.