Let's think ahead together

Have these thoughts been going through your mind over the last couple of weeks:  what is the meaning of all this? with this sudden change in way of living, has the reality check of what is really important to you kicked in? what are the fundamentals that you want for living a better life? what could make your future safer and less stressful?

This is where we can maybe be of assistance, as we may have an alternative for you. What if your dream life would be to live truly in a lovely villa or residence in a vibrant and smart village by the sea, in an island paradise, Mauritius?

The current situation invites us to go back to basics and focus on what is really important: let’s take care of those who are dear to us and let’s not give in to fear. Now, more than ever is the time to think about the future and what you really want to offer to your loved ones, now is the time to plan and structure your legacy for them to thrive in a safe and enriching haven, on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is a cleverly crafted and secured village that opened over 5 years ago. It offers a high-quality living environment, a lifestyle blending conviviality with a private beach, a boatyard, a Montessori nursery school, shops, restaurants, services, land and nautical activities and events. More than just a destination, Azuri has succeeded in creating something quite unique, with its community life. The village is often animated with market days, food and wine events, sport and fitness get-togethers. Our homeowners and residents are our best ambassadors and, they all agree that they all felt immediately at home here.

Today, Azuri is expanding with Rive Droite, a new residential phase at the heart of a splendid golf course, tucked away between the sea and river with Apartments, Penthouses and Villas as from MUR 20 million.

Here is a video that will give you a first glimpse of the village of Azuri, the new phase and the benefits:


We have at your disposal a completely digital platform available on our website in order to be able to view the range of properties we have available for sale in our portfolio.

Take a moment to look at our website’s virtual experience pages:

You may even go on a virtual reality tour of Rive Droite, our new neighbourhood currently underway:

And to make the experience even more real, we also we have so many videos available to clearly portray our new villas in Rive Droite:

The world may feel further away than ever before, but it’s still here. And its regenerating itself, and the opportunities for change are just a phone call or email away. The values ​​of Azuri “Sense of community» and “Living Truly” have never been more important than today, so let’s talk about your future.

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