Azuri greets its new homeowners

Azuri is pleased to welcome its newest residents – Riviera homeowners – to the unique Live-Work-Play lifestyle of the resort, as they take possession of sixteen sumptuous villas set above the barachois inlet, and boasting views of Mauritius’ eastern coast and the sparkling blue sea.

The Riviera Villas neighbourhood is the first to comprise fully-integrated individual residences into the resort’s domain, carrying on the lifestyle model conceived by developer and promoter, Blue Life Ltd.

Launched in November 2015, response to the Riviera Villas, which was extremely positive from the start, helped to ensure that construction of these contemporary and luminous homes was successfully completed by mid-2018. Homeowners began moving in during June.

#Hashtags met with homeowners, Jean-Michel and Mauricette, to learn about what brought them to Azuri, and to hear their first impressions of living within this village-by-the-sea community.

#Hashtags: Welcome to Azuri. And congratulations on Belgium’s win last night over Japan in round 16 of the World Cup – what a wonderful celebration for you and your family.

Jean-Michel: Yes, we had a wonderful party last night with 16 people watching and cheering for Belgium here in our beautiful new villa. Our Riviera neighbours, who have been our friends for many years, came over with their family as well. (Note: Jean-Michel and Mauricette are accompanied by their 2 children and Mauricette’s sister).

#: It sounds like the ideal way to baptise your new home and life in Mauritius. Can you tell us what is it about Mauritius that appeals to you, and what made you consider buying at Azuri?

J-M: We have been expats for more than 25 years, living and working in the DRC (Congo-Kinshasa), as well as in Belgium. We had been thinking about buying a second residence in a place that provides a calm and agreeable lifestyle, including a welcoming environment, in terms of logistics and friendly people.

Mauricette: We looked at both Thailand and Mauritius since we had been traveling there regularly and we like both very countries much. At first we looked more seriously at Thailand. But as we explored the Mauritian options, we realised it would be nice to live on an island, although if we were going to do that, we would have to be able to see the ocean.

J-M: We looked at both RES and IRS options, and preferred the IRS offerings. We didn’t want to be isolated, so some places further down the east coast, or south, were excluded as being too far from the island’s central points. Others in the west or north were too dense, or didn’t provide views of the sea. When we first came to Azuri it was during the low season, and although there were fewer people than at busier times, there was still a lot more ‘LIFE’ within the resort and around the village.

#: So, you knew Mauritius before considering to buy here. What was it about Azuri and its design that attracted you most?

J-M: As we had come a few times from Congo via Reunion, we were impressed with the low tax threshold of Mauritius. In our case, we aren’t looking for a fiscal escape – just a family place – and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at Azuri, living the simple life. The first construction design of Riviera (ie: penthouses) didn’t impress us, but when they were upgraded to villas, we became very interested. We also bought a plot of land along the River (ie: Ocean – River) and are also building a house there.

M: We had friends from Kinshasa living here too, and Azuri is well-situated, not far from Grand Baie, or Port Louis. Since we could purchase off-plan, we were able to follow each stage of the building process.

#: Do you plan to live at Azuri? And, if so would you work from here?

J-M: I am still based in the Congo – where I work, and our home is in Brussels. Our initial reason for buying a secondary residence is to have a family place in a convivial climate, where everyone can get together for the holidays. The kids are still in school in Brussels, and one-by-one, will be off to university. It is likely that we will come to Azuri on and off throughout the year for a few weeks to a month each time. In fact, we will be back during August for 3-4 weeks. It will be very easy for me to follow my business while we are vacationing here. Only the future will tell where we end up living in the long term.

#: Do you play golf?

J-M: Yes we are all golfers, including the kids. Knowing that Azuri is planning to build a golf course was an important consideration in our purchase. It will be a big plus in promoting the hotel, the resort, and add value to our investment. People who buy here aren’t interested in 2nd choice properties. They want top-of-the-line services, and golf facilities offer that. How great it is to have the sea to one side of one’s home, and a golf course at the other!

#: What other benefits do you find at Azuri?

M: There are so many sea activities – in fact, we have plans to go out on a boat this afternoon. We really love the village offerings and services, especially the gourmet shop, where meals and treats can be ordered in advance, or we can just drop into the café and pick something to nibble on. Nature is all around us, and I love the spa, while the kids enjoy playing tennis.

#: What do you feel can benefit from improvement at Azuri?

J-M: I would like to see construction of the golf course begin soon – it should move more quickly. And some of the buildings, such as Ocean One, can benefit from thatch roofs.

#: Would you recommend Azuri to other people interested in buying property in Mauritius?

M: Yes, we are already encouraging our friends and family to buy at Azuri.

J-M: Azuri is a “high quality” product in terms of service, construction and lifestyle. We believe strongly in the resort’s investment concept and that Mauritius will continue to grow, while Azuri will increase in demand and value. A 10-15 year investment offers the best opportunities for any eventual buyer.