While the world awaits, we are here for you.

The world may feel further away than ever before, but it’s still here. Just as we are still here for you.

In these times, when doubts and fears are likely to overwhelm us, we wish to convey a message of hope. The sense of community that we have created at Azuri, the one that we try to reinvent and enrich day after day, has never been more important than today. We imagined and designed the village of Azuri to foster the creation of a unique, dynamic and multicultural community life, where every moment is grounded on the principles of smart simplicity and island happiness.

The current situation invites us to go back to basics, forget the superfluous and focus on what is really important: to live truly. What if this crisis was an invitation to reconnect to the simplest pleasures of life? What if we refocus on pure and authentic happiness?

We invite you to honor these two values ​​of “Sense of community” and “Living Truly” by being united, staying at home, safe.

However social distancing does not mean social disconnection.

Like us, you are probably reading this from isolation, staring at the same four walls and gazing longingly out the window. But this is exactly why it is important we keep reaching out and why we will continue to care for each other. Its why our lines are always open, with a team ready to chat.

We have focused on the most efficient ways of ensuring business continuity in these critical times and we are effectively working online to understand and qualify your needs and propose the very best opportunities to satisfy them. We are a technologically savvy organisation and you are in safe hands with us. We are 100% enabled to operate as effectively as ever before within the safety requirements expected of us. In other words, we are ready to assist professionally in any possible way.

We will overcome this challenging time together as well.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and to confirm that the team of Azuri Ocean & Golf Village continue to offer you our expertise, knowledge and caring support and we are just a call or a text, email or a click away. Our social media platforms and online marketing platforms are fully equipped to keep you informed on the opportunities that lie ahead.

So let’s talk and stay in touch.

Together, let’s take care of those who are dear to us and let’s not give in to fear: now more than ever is the time to think about the future and what you really want to offer to your loved ones, now is the time to plan and structure your legacy for them to thrive in a safe and enriching haven, on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Despite this distance imposed on us, we have never been so close.


Our very best wishes to you and your families.


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