Top 5 activities to do during lockdown

The lockdown period is an invitation to slow down our hectic pace of life, influenced by modernisation and to reconnect ourselves with the present moment without dwelling on the future or past. Time is precious and the current circumstances provide us with the opportunity to relish every minute that passes. Whether you are doing home office or not, there is no reason to get bored while staying at home. Here are 5 activities you can practice at home!


Practice relaxation

Take a seat in your bedroom or a quiet corner in your house to focus on your breathing. Meditation is a good practice to free yourself from daily stress and eradicate negative thoughts. There are very useful applications such as “Calm” or “Petit Bambou” for beginners. First of all, adopt a comfortable position. Then, inhale and exhale at your pace. Remember that the main goal is to relax your body and mind. How about an online session with a certified yoga teacher? Sabrina Leroy invites you to a moment of relaxation and offers you a 10-day free trial. Sign up to take advantage of it!

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Prepare new dishes

They say practice makes perfect. If you’ve never been to the kitchen before, it’s time to get started! Put on your aprons! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a real gourmet cook! Look for recipes on the internet or take out the books that are sleeping in your library and cook up some delicious Mauritian meals. Fried rice with shrimps? Melting corn pudding? The choice is yours! Advice: use a scale to measure the ingredients so you don’t exceed the required quantity. Good luck!

Discover our mauritian recipe


Do some reading

Do you want to improve your vocabulary and knowledge? Then why not dive into a book, written by a Mauritian author? For example: Le Chercheur d’Or by Jean Marie Le Clézio, Le Sari Vert by Ananda Devi, Le Dernier Frère by Natacha Appanah. For those who do not own any book, you can browse the website “Histoires Mauriciennes” to discover surprising stories about Mauritius.

Visit the website here


Customize objects

Organise “Do It Yourself” workshops at home! Do you have torn clothing, broken jewellery or even a few newspapers cluttering up your house? Check out the tutorials available on YouTube! You can recycle them and turn them into art objects! DIY, however, requires a little patience and meticulousness. If you have children, encourage them to help you. It’s time to awaken their creativity!

At Azuri, the kids have done wonders with their magical small fingers. Check out their masterpieces for Easter here!


Beautify your garden

Staying at home does not mean that you should not enjoy your outdoor space. If you have a small garden, consider yourself very lucky. Go there once in a while to get some fresh air but also to take care of this green haven. These invasive herbs that come above your ankles, it’s time to get rid of them. Arm yourself with your gardening tools to bring your garden back to life. You can mow the lawn, sow vegetables or plant bulbs. As for those who have a small balcony or terrace, take advantage of it to create a vegetable garden with onion tails, thyme or coriandrum.

And if for you, lockdown rhymes with giving meaning to your future lives and you are pondering upon your future and the future of your loved ones. A future where words like LIVE TRULY, RECONNECT YOURSELF, QUALITY OF LIFE take on a completely different meaning. What if this future was built around a peaceful and more connected life in Mauritius?

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