Thinking of Moving to a Covid safe destination?

Azuri Mauritius awaits you!

Leaving everything behind to go and settle in Mauritius for a year and maybe even more, appears to be a lifestyle choice that is starting to make more and more sense in the current context.

Aspiring to living something else, otherwise, on an island: many people have dreamed of it one day, without ever daring to take the plunge. However, in the uncertain times that we are going through, this question seems to come back to the lips, “what if I made the choice of an alternative life project by moving to Mauritius?”.

Rethinking living together

Thanks to a social shift, where “Work from home” is becoming a way of life, taking the decision of moving to a tropical island is now actually feasible. We also note, by questioning our current owners, whatever their personal or professional background, that they all have in common a certain ideal which is the one, of regaining a quality of life that they seem to have lost. Rebuilding social ties and rethinking living together on a family scale or on a larger scale are also part of this new life project.

Azuri Mauritius, the perfect lifestyle secure village by the sea

This is where our unique beachside village, comes into play…. We have crafted a new way of living by the sea in Mauritius with the promise of enhancing quality of life.

Since its foundation five years ago on a large estate on the northeast coast of Mauritius, Azuri has metamorphosed into a vibrant community. This unique destination, which unifies golf and ocean, is defining what it means to live simply and truly in a progressive, multicultural urban beachside destination. Foreigners can acquire splendid contemporary apartments, penthouses and villas built on prime property and access a range of amenities: 9-hole par-3 signature golf course, beach, cafe, restaurants, gourmet shop, spa, pool, and fitness club, tennis club and academy, nautical club, archery, Radisson Blu hotel, Mauritius property for sale beachfront and estate management services. The residence acquisition comes with a transferable golf membership.

Find out more by listening to testimonials from Azurians, who have made the choice of moving to Mauritius.

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Premium Visa,  a step by step approach to moving to Mauritius

Moving can seem scary. You find yourself facing a mountain of unanswered questions and a big unknown in front of you. In order to ease this anxiety, the Mauritian authorities have introduced a new Premium Visa, valid for a period of one year and renewable. Meanwhile, the highest sanitary standards and protocols are being maintained to ensure the sanitary safety of visitors as well as nationals and to ensure that Mauritius remains a COVID-safe destination.

This measure offers a lifeline for the travel and real estate sector in Mauritius amidst global travel disruptions following the outbreak of COVID-19. The island is deemed COVID-safe and, with its modern infrastructure, would be an ideal spot for you to work remotely in all serenity.

So don’t hesitate anymore and for your 2021 resolution…. come and try out living in Mauritius. Contact us to find out all about the living opportunities in this turn-key solution village.