The Village Spirit

Sharing & getting together at Azuri

One thing is certain, there is always a good reason for getting together at Azuri.

Homeowners and visitors alike catch the welcoming feeling from the moment they arrive on the shores of this blue-lagoon paradise. A warm smile and a hearty ‘Bonjour’ greet all at Azuri’s doorstep.

And the friendly ambiance doesn’t stop there. Our Village Team is always looking for ways to bring you, your family and your friends together.

Many of you remember the recent Rum-Tasting Evening, when this delectable Mauritian cordial was on everyone’s’ tongues. Or the Brazilian Night where dancing the samba until the wee hours of the morning was encouraged.

Coming up next

The fun has just begun – plans are brewing over the next few months for a variety of activities including Octoberfest on the weekend of 8-9 October and the annual Azuri Golf Competition on the 18th, where an extravaganza is assured for all.

Connoisseurs of the sparkling white grape can look forward to a Champagne Tasting on September 28th and a Homeowner Evening is on the horizon for November 18th where Azuri will contribute the set up, and décor with marquise tent, lighting and a special offer at hand. All we ask you to bring is your favourite dish or dessert to share with others along with your family and a big warm heart.

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