Go green project: Azuri focuses on selective sorting

Implementing initiatives that are environment-friendly is part of our plan to liven up the life of the village of Azuri. Our aim is to provide an exceptional living environment that is favorable to the development of our residents.

Azuri village, located in the enchanting setting of the North eastern coast of Mauritian, combines lush and exotic vegetation. This breathtaking nature, however, is fragile and needs to be protected. Raising awareness over environmental issues is the first step towards preserving our ecosystem. We have thus initiated educational and recreational programs addressed to residents aged between 7 to 77 year-old. In Mauritius, efforts must be multiplied so that we can preserve our sumptuous island.
With this in mind, Azuri village has recently put in place concrete measures allowing everyone to participate in its effort to protect the environment. It also allows us to nurture the notion of “living together”. In early December, we launched a major sorting program.
Recycling bins have been installed so that the residents can sort out their garbage. Selective sorting allows us to reduce pollution and preserve our natural resources.

Since we want to focus on the protection of the environment in 2019, many other eco-friendly initiatives will be put in place soon. The ambition is for Azuri to set the standard in terms of the protection of the environment in Mauritius. For that, we count on the collaboration of all to make these initiatives a success. If you are looking for a smart island lifestyle in Mauritius, invest in our new exclusive residential property development.

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