Rive Droite - The Golf Neighbourhood

Everyone agrees that playing golf is fun! Today’s player looks for shorter games so they can move on with other activities. This is true for executives, families with children, those who are retired, as well as amongst experienced golfers and pros taking holiday.

The reflection and planning phase for constructing a 9-hole golf course at Azuri has been a long and thorough process, and well it should be. It is essential that any project – as encompassing and wide-spanning as a golf course – blend seamlessly into the assortment of offerings currently at Azuri Village: the hotel, beach, restaurant and food outlets; the boat house with its full range of water sports; on-site leisure activities, including the wellness spa; and the numerous community pastimes and events.

The only par-3 signature course on the island!

Some may ask “why build another golf course on Mauritius when there are already several along the east coast and in the north?” Blue Life Limited, the developer and promoter, feels there is a compelling need for a signature par-3 9-hole golf course, and has designed a unique model for Azuri that allows all levels of players – including the best – to enjoy a full and challenging game of golf in 90 minutes, on a 1,350 yard course, that respects worldwide standards of championship courses. Challenges include a diversity of settings, such as four downhill holes alongside the river, and greens combining technical and aesthetic character. Great for families who already play, or want to learn, and for those who are used to 18 holes yet prefer to fit in a round of golf in their busy week, each hole offers three tee options: back for pros; forward for the regular player; ladies tee.

This signature par-3 golf course will be the very first on the island, which adds enormous value to existing structures at Azuri, and the Village setting, as well as to residential projects in the pipeline. Many of Azuri’s homeowners play golf, and appreciate the concept of an immense green space at the heart of the community, ensuring sustainability of the environment.

The residential neighbourhood around the golf course has been named Azuri Rive Droite and embraces three distinct residential clusters – Golf View – Ennéa – Amara – for close to ninety residences that comprise a functional configuration of apartments, penthouses, and villas situated not far from the river’s elevation, and having frontage onto the golf course, or views of the distant mountains. Each one is competitively priced to provide attractive investment opportunities for international buyers, as well as assured capital gains on the resale value of the property.

Buyers who purchase a residence in Rive Droite obtain one electrically operated buggy for personal use and a transferable golf membership for the signature par-3 golf course. By promoting this eco-friendly option for quick access to points around Azuri Village, we hope to encourage less use of motorised cars and vehicles around the village.

Azuri has teamed up with well-known international golf professionals, assuring the very highest class of golf course in Mauritius. Marc Amelot of Green Sun Management (GSM) – expert in golf course development, operations and maintenance – will be the operator of this spectacular and unique concept of a par-3 signature course, which is designed by IMG – one of the world’s leading golf course designers. With the establishment of the Azuri Golf, Azuri will join ranks with IMG’s network of the world’s top golf destinations.

We are grateful to Azuri Homeowners for their patience, and the many helpful suggestions and ideas that have been shared over the past years about this development. A presentation of the golf course is to be held within the next trimester, when the course’s master plan will be presented, along with those of the residential offerings. Details of the membership programmes will be announced as well.