Living on an island

An escape from the bustle of city life, a need for adventure. Moving on an island and starting anew may frighten many. The residents of Azuri Village have decided to make that move. So why not you?

1. Taxation

With a single income tax rate of 15%, no real estate tax and no capital gains tax, Mauritius is on the very limited list of countries with the most advantageous taxation. Thanks to a non-double taxation clause, the tax advantages are really interesting. See our article on taxation in Mauritius.

2. Idyllic climate

The climate in Mauritius is warm and pleasant throughout the year. The island has mild winters (May to October) and hot summer (November to April). The temperature in winter can reach 23 degrees.

3. Warm people

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is famous for its multicultural melting pot. With a unique history and a cultural blend of cultures and ethnicity. The flavors of local gastronomy are the perfect example. Mauritians are warm, kind and welcoming, always listening and ready to help.

4. Cosmopolitan culture

Artists, painters, music, festivals, exhibitions… The cultural life of Mauritius is dynamic. The new “Caudan Arts Center”, located in Port-Louis, reflects the cultural turmoil of the island.

5. Many activities

Paddle, kite-surfing, kayaking, water skiing … The practice of aquatic and nautical activities is part of Mauritian life. But do not limit yourself to marine pleasures, go discover the countryside. The mountains of Chamarel are the playground of the adventurers! Mauritius also hosts great golf courses that have the chance to appear in the prestigious list of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

6. International openness

Crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia, Mauritius is a very connected island. The international airport serves more than 28 destinations in direct flights.

7. Real Estate Investment

Mauritius is a country favourable to real estate investment. Thanks to a new law allowing foreigners to buy a house, investing in property in Mauritius is an opportunity to live in a fabulous environment and to have an extraordinary quality of life. The village of Azuri, located by the sea in the north of the island, launches its new phase of real estate development. The new residential area “Right Bank” and its signature golf holds more than 80 properties for sale.