Living by the sea

Do you feel more carefree and relaxed after a stay at the seaside? It has been shown that this can be a natural effect! The health benefits of residing by the shore are quite significant, for people of all ages.

Many studies conducted around the world lead to the same conclusion: people who live near the sea are in better health. No matter whether they are warm or cold, these natural bodies of water help to strengthen the immune systems of human beings.

Breathe deeply: seaside air is reputed to be good for the health as it is rich in negative ions and loaded with iodine. Negative ions work on the human body to provide well-being and relaxation. They relieve the effects of ailments such as asthma, fatigue, depression and migraines. Iodine is quite simply indispensable for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It plays an important role in the growth and development of the brain. There is also good news for your figure: iodine naturally promotes weight loss. So when you walk by the sea, breathe deeply!

Catch some rays: the ocean is often synonymous with good weather; if this is so, the sun’s effects can enhance those of the sea. The sun acts first on one’s morale; people who are exposed to the sun have a better mood compared to others. The sun also has a positive effect on the bones, as ultraviolet B rays promote the formation of vitamin D, which in turn acts to bind calcium to fortify the skeleton and limit the risk of bone fractures. Finally, sun exposure significantly decreases feelings of fatigue. One must, however, not expose oneself too often or for too long, and should always use sunscreen products when going into the sun.

Take a plunge: you may have come to the beach with the idea of unwinding and laying in the sun. Go for a swim in the ocean! Rich in mineral salts and trace elements, seawater is naturally beneficial for the skin’s epidermis. It also aids in healing wounds and clearing respiratory airways. A daily 20-minute bathing session will do wonders.

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