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Prized for its peaceful landscapes, Mauritius has many more advantages for expatriates and investors looking for a secure investment and a stimulating living environment. Its exceptional lifestyle, combined with a dynamic environment and favourable tax system, make it an attractive destination internationally.

According to the general principles of sound wealth management, real estate must represent a third of your wealth portfolio. On the other hand, real estate is an asset less sensitive to strong market variations. For example, in 2007, real estate fell by an average of 10%, making this type of investment much less risky than assets such as equities, and recovered its highest levels in 2 years. Today, the trend seems to be confirmed to protect one’s personal wealth portfolio.

In addition to guaranteeing Mauritian residency to the investor and his dependents for any acquisition over $ 500,000, Mauritian real estate offers reassuring advantages in the context of a diversification of assets. As a reminder, among the flagship measures developed, we find in particular the absence of tax on dividends, capital gains and inheritance tax in Mauritius combined to a fixed tax regime of 15% for all Mauritian tax residents. In addition to these fiscal advantages, can also be added to the potential of capital appreciation and real estate appreciation. The destination is particularly attractive for the dynamism of its business sector and for its exceptional lifestyle. Its location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa also makes it a hub of choice to relocate one’s business: favourable time zone with most continents, bilingual (French / English) and qualified workforce, advantageous tax system for businesses and stable financial environment … all of which make Mauritius an internationally recognised offshore platform.

Mauritian real estate is considered a secure long-term investment.

In this economic, fiscal and social environment, Mauritian real estate is considered by international and expatriate investors as a secure long-term investment and represents, in particular, a real asset in estate planning. And this, even in these critical times that we are going through.

Indeed, more than ever, we must think about what we really want for our future and for the future of our loved ones. A future where words like LIVING TRUE, RECONNECTING WITH YOURSELF, QUALITY OF LIFE, take on a completely different meaning. What if this future revolved around a peaceful and more connected life in Mauritius?

We firmly believe that we have created with Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, a new way of living by the sea. Today we promise a lifestyle that encompasses all the benefits of living under a tropical sun, but this art of living is reinforced by the creation of a lively and attentive community, which make our owners feel very quickly at home in Azuri.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty. Our expert teams are just a call or a click away from you. We are there to listen to you and advise on what your life in Mauritius could look like.

We will overcome this difficult period together.

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