How to obtain residency in Mauritius and what are the advantages?

Here is all you need to know !

Enjoying the tropical sunshine all year round, relishing a lavish life by the sea and embracing a rewarding professional career… All this is possible in Mauritius! And since the government has eased some measures, it is even easier for foreigners to project themselves in Mauritius.

Benefit from a permanent residence permit by purchasing a property.

There are several ways for a foreigner to obtain a permanent residence permit. Since September 2020, the permanent residence permit has become more accessible through the purchase of a property.

The minimum amount of an investment has been lowered. A foreign buyer wishing to obtain a permanent residence permit must invest at least $375,000 (or its equivalent in Euros) instead of $500,000 previously. Buy a property in Mauritius as a foreigner under an IRS, PDS, RES or Smart City program either as an individual or as a company. This permit is valid for life, unless the property is resold. With a simple purchase, you can enjoy the exceptional living environment in Mauritius for an unlimited period of time, build your future and set up projects you have always dreamed of.

As a Purchase off Plan is available in Mauritius, a property investment is also considered as a secure option. The Purchase off Plan ( VEFA in French) is a contract governed by law and that allows an individual to purchase a property that is not yet built or is under construction. With the Purchase off Plan, the delivery of the property in due time and proper form is guaranteed to the buyer.

To remember : Your permanent residence permit  is guaranteed for life  with the purchase of a property.

Residence permits are also granted to those over 50 years of age.

Retirees over 50 years old can come to Mauritius and apply for a residence permit that is valid for 10 years. To be eligible for this permit, a monthly transfer of $1,500 (or its equivalent in Euros) or an annual transfer of $18,000 to a Mauritian account is sufficient. The minimum amount to obtain a residence permit as a pensioner has been reduced in the latest legislation. You can therefore enjoy your life in Mauritius with complete peace of mind for 10 years.

To remember : An easily accessible destination to take advantage of your pensioner status.

Relatives of a holder of a residence permit are also eligible.

Do you want your family to settle in Mauritius as well?  Good News for you! If you hold a pensioner’s permit, a work permit or a permanent residence permit, your relatives can come and settle in Mauritius. This applies to: your children, your parents, your partner (bound by marriage or PACS), your stepchildren or adopted children, under the age of 24. In addition, your spouse will also be allowed to work in Mauritius without a work permit and therefore without any heavy administrative procedures! Thanks to this new measure in force since September 2020, the procedures for bringing your family here are greatly simplified. It is an undeniable advantage to know that your family can come and visit you or live with you without any limit. You can therefore project yourself into a life in Mauritius with your loved ones and family.

To remember : Your family can take advantage of your residence permit to  join you and settle in Mauritius.

The duration of the residence permit is extended from 10 to 20 years.

The validity of a permanent residence permit can be extended for 20 years instead of 10 years. Holders of an Occupation Permit or a Residence Permit who have been resident in Mauritius for three consecutive years are eligible for this application. Thanks to this new measure put in place by the government, current holders of a permit will have a good view ahead of them to develop their life projects in complete security and peace of mind.

To remember : Enhanced visibility for those already settled in Mauritius.


A new long term visa has been launched by the Mauritian government.  This visa is made available for non-citizens of Mauritius. It is valid for one year and can be renewed. While waiting for your Residence Permit, you can come to Mauritius and work remotely with this type of visa. Whether you are a tourist, a retiree or a professional, this visa is an ideal solution for those who wish to focus on their life project and become residents in Mauritius.

Azuri’s experts will be your best guides for this process. They will offer you good advice and will help you for your settlement. Azuri also provides real estate rental purposes. This village will allow you to savour the pleasure of living on a tropical island.

As a reminder, Mauritius is a covid safe destination. The government has implemented quarantine for all foreigners coming to Mauritius.

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