Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, a safe and healthy environment for families

Buying a real estate property requires a financial investment. Before buying a property in Mauritius, it is important to take into account various elements such as the location of the residence, the quality of the infrastructure or the level of security. The choice is even more difficult when it comes to finding a suitable accommodation for children. Children, in particular, need an environment that combines safety, relaxation and leisure in order to be able to grow. Azuri Golf & Ocean Village has precisely designed family residences and villas in the heart of a setting that offers these criterias.

A pleasant life by the sea

The greatest enthusiasts won’t say otherwise. Nature has positive effects on the health, well-being and development of children. It is also a source of inspiration for many. When you let your child play outdoors, he or she can benefit from multiple advantages. As Azuri Golf & Ocean village is located on the seafront, it offers an ideal location for your child to grow and develop his creativity. Sea water is loaded with therapeutic virtues. Just like your little ones, you and your family can enjoy pleasant moments at the beach.

A nursery school that promotes your child’s autonomy

Azuri Golf & Ocean Village has a nursery school which uses the Montessori method. This learning system allows children to develop their potential and find the pleasure of growing and exploring.

Through fun and educational activities, your child will be able to forge his or her character and become more independent. The proximity of this school saves precious time for the parents of Azuri Ocean & Golf Village. They do not need to make long and stressful trips to drop their children off at school.

A village filled with activities and events

Water activities, tennis…and soon golf! One thing is sure, at Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, there are activities for all tastes. So young and old people can get together for unforgettable and fun moments. To facilitate the integration of residents and promote living together, the village also organizes events such as archery competitions, Halloween, dragon dancing, the independence market and theme days.

A secured place

Azuri Golf & Ocean Village is a highly secured location with beautiful residences and villas. Security is very important even within the village. The security guards filter the entrances. Cameras have also been installed to ensure the safety of residents. They can therefore live in this exceptional setting with peace of mind. Parents can also let their children walk freely in the village without any worry.

A community life

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is a cosmopolitan village, where residents of different nationalities can meet, interact with each other and share their experiences. Newcomers are always welcomed by very warm neighbours who have an innate sense of sharing and solidarity. Your children will therefore be able to grow up in a neighbourhood that promotes the essential values of life. On top of that, they will have the opportunity to make friends and play with their little neighbours.

At Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, there is also a lifestyle and events manager who ensures that each resident is well received and who organises several types of events to liven up the daily life of the village.

Easily accessible and high-quality infrastructure

Azuri & Golf Village also includes a café with a warm atmosphere, restaurants with sea view and a grocery store promoting French expertise, all within walking distance.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is at the forefront of technology. The residences and villas in the Rive Droite district will be equipped with a home automation system that allows objects to be controlled remotely.

There are also state-of-the-art household appliances to make residents’ daily lives easier. You can also call on a cleaning agent to free yourself from household chores and devote more time to your children.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, the ideal real estate offer for families

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has attractive offers in the real estate sector, especially for families wishing to build the villa for sale in Mauritius of their dreams. It is possible to invest in a plot of land and build a custom-made villa.

We currently have 10 plots of land available with a view of the golf course, ready to build on. They are on sale starting from Rs 14.8 million.

Do you want to settle down with your family at Azuri Ocean & Golf Village?

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