Azuri loves art

You may have wandered about the neighbourhoods at Azuri or along Market Square and wondered what are the artistic structures randomly situated in the gardens and along the promenade: 3 iron-clad stone statues stand guard solemnly aside a hedge of trees; a baobab sprouts from the ground blooming coloured glass bottle leaves; a panel of brilliant blue ceramic discs each studded at the centre with a single silver knob; a labyrinth in the original English style; incrusted mosaics made of reclaimed tiles.

The purpose of these works of art is two-fold. Azuri strongly believes in the promotion of art within the living areas where its community of people circulates on a daily basis. Furthermore, Mauritius is known for having a strong culture of art so a group of three local artists was invited to let their imaginations and creativity run free and to be inspired by the village, the region and the natural habitat. Hence, Nadine Giraud (labyrinth and discs), Nirmal Hurry (mosaic and tree), and Nirveda Alleck (stone statues) each conspired to bring a caché of art to where “it can be experienced and appreciated within the open air.”