4 steps to buying a property in Mauritius

Charming seaside houses, contemporary flats in the heart of a beach resort, plush villas with swimming pools in an unspoilt wild place… Mauritius offers a wide range of properties for foreigners wishing to invest in the tropics. But what kind of accommodation suits you best? How do you make your choice? Here are 4 steps to buy a property in Mauritius!

Find out more about investing in Mauritius

New laws have been introduced in Mauritius to promote investment and facilitate the installation of foreigners. The minimum amount to obtain a permanent residence permit has been revised. Non-Mauritians are therefore entitled to invest a minimum of USD 375,000 instead of USD 500,000 to obtain a permanent residence permit. Those who already hold an “occupation permit” (OP), a resident permit (RP) or a permanent resident permit (PRP) can purchase a serviced plot of land not exceeding 2100 m2 for residential purposes in smart cities.

Mauritius offers a wide range of properties for foreigners under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). This scheme is for the sale of high quality houses such as luxury villas, flats or penthouses, located in special areas. It is essential to take these measures into account when purchasing a property in Mauritius.

At Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, you will find luxury beachfront residences and villas that are part of the PDS programme. Refined architecture, spacious and comfortable rooms, nearby restaurants, tennis court and a future golf course… This village, located in the north of the island, features modern facilities to provide you with an exceptional living environment.

Choose a property according to your needs

In Mauritius, there are different types of accommodation to match all tastes and budgets. Prices generally vary according to the location and size. For example, some properties are located in busy seaside resorts in the North or West of the island. Others are located in quieter, more authentic areas in the South or East. There are also residences that have been built in the centre for those who prefer the city lifestyle.

If you like great outdoor spaces, we advise you to choose a real estate property that reflects the Mauritian lifestyle. In Mauritius, the indoor space is connected to the outdoor space. This creates thus a spacious, bright and pleasant living environment. Alternatively, you can also find small, comfortable and intimate flats. Nature and tranquility lovers, for example, can opt for a property in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Before finalising your choice for the purchase of a property in Mauritius, it is therefore essential to think carefully about your needs. Our real estate advisers can help you find the residence that suits you and accompany you in the analysis of your needs.

Look for information about the property developer

Research the property developer and gather as much information as possible before signing the contract. Find out about the reliability of the developer by consulting client opinions and looking at the projects he has completed. You can also check whether the developer is part of a large company. It is also advisable to analyse the description, plan and characteristics of the dwelling, i.e. the surface area, number of rooms and materials used for construction.

BlueLife Limited, the developer of Azuri, advocates a happy lifestyle, which is in line with its aspirations. As a subsidiary entity of IBL (the largest conglomerate in Mauritius), BlueLife Limited is one of the most reputable developers on the island, with a long-term vision of their real estate development and support for their residents over time.

Seek the help of a real estate advisor

An application for authorisation is required to buy a house or other type of accommodation in Mauritius. You can call on an adviser to help you at the EDB and other administrative institutes. For loan applications, our expert can help you with banking procedures. Our real estate advisers are fully equipped to make your journey as serene as possible. In addition, we work with management companies that offer a range of services for any investment advice in Mauritius.

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