Golf in Paradise

The words elegance, chic and spectacular are frequently used to describe Azuri, one of the world’s most picturesque resort destinations. Azuri will soon have another outstanding amenity to offer its guests – a spectacular 9 hole signature par 3 Championship golf course designed by IMG, one of the world’s leading golf course design companies.

Set inland along the Riviere du Rempart, the golf course has a total length of 1,348 yards and offers a fun, enjoyable and challenging experience that will have golfers lining up for additional rounds. The course will be spectacular and has many holes with views of the Riviere du Rempart. The golf course was designed with sensitivity to the land in mind as it makes its way along the steep river bank for a couple of holes, then around some volcanic rock outcroppings and uses all of the existing natural features to great effect, making the course a good test, but enjoyable for the entire family and golfers of all skill levels.

This course will be unlike anything else in Mauritius, with 9 world class par 3 holes and a dramatic finishing hole of 147 yards that plays to an island green in front of the clubhouse, that will be truly memorable. This gentle yet terrifying hole will test the very best players, and your heart will be pounding on the tee in anticipation of the tee shot that awaits. The tricky wind that Mauritius is known for, adds to the difficulty of landing your ball on the green.

The golf course will be walking only and will offer a great test for your short game and putting because the greens are so challenging. It is a fun and flexible alternative to a traditional 18 hole round of golf.

A small but stunning clubhouse complements the magnificent golf course to create a very enjoyable golf experience for players of all skill levels.

We promise that it is truly a course in which you, your family, and friends will enjoy!

GreenSun Management is the result of passionate and professional individuals regrouped in one Team to offer the best of their expertise in the golf field.

With 20 years in the golf industry, Marc Amelot (PGA professional) and graduate from a French Business school developed his expertise in various field in the golf industry such as high end Golf Academy network with David Leadbetter as well as coach of European Tour players (Christian Cevaer for 6 years).

Golf and F&B management with a specific expertise in Resorts and IRS Golf concept in theMauritian environment for 15 years, Marc opened the prestigious Ernie Els signature Golf Club of Anahita and managed it for 6 years including 1 year of pre-opening. Marc worked with Ernie Els and the stakeholders of the global Anahita real-estate masterplan.

Marc then took up the prestigious Bernhard Langer signature Golf Club on Ile aux Cerfs to perform an important improvement plan of the course to improve 15 holes of 18.

Our expertise in golf course maintenance is recognised as both Anahita and Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club have been respectively ranked in 2016 as 1st and 2nd best golf courses in the Indian ocean.

Maintenance requires complete dedication and passion, our people spent the past 15 years working on some of the best golf courses in the world, this has grown our passion for maintaining golf courses to the highest possible standards as well as ensuring that attention to detail is never overlooked, this is what sets apart an average course from a magical one.

GreenSun Management is in partnership with IMG, the biggest world golf management company, and with our partnership, Azuri will benefit from the best expertise for their

We strongly believe in People, to drive Creativity, Efficiency, Passion and achieving Results! this is our DNA.

Everyone agrees that playing golf is fun! Today’s player looks for shorter games so they can move on with other activities. This is true for executives, families with children, those who are retired, as well as amongst experienced golfers and pros taking holiday.

The only par-3 signature course on the island!

Some may ask “why build another golf course on Mauritius when there are already several along the east coast and in the north?” Blue Life Limited, the developer and promoter, feels there is a compelling need for a signature par-3 9-hole golf course, and has designed a unique model for Azuri that allows all levels of players – including the best – to enjoy a full and challenging game of golf in 90 minutes, on a 1,350 yard course, that respects worldwide standards of championship courses. Challenges include a diversity of settings, such as four downhill holes alongside the river, and greens combining technical and aesthetic character. Great for families who already play, or want to learn, and for those who are used to 18 holes yet prefer to fit in a round of golf in their busy week, each hole offers three tee options: back for pros; forward for the regular player; ladies tee.

This signature par-3 golf course will be the very first on the island, which adds enormous value to existing structures at Azuri, and the Village setting, as well as to residential projects in the pipeline. Many of Azuri’s homeowners play golf, and appreciate the concept of an immense green space at the heart of the community, ensuring sustainability of the environment.